Savox Communications Reviewing Summa Tech Services

I’ve worked with Summa Tech for almost 5 years. They’ve been an indispensable resource. They understand our business practices and peculiarities specific to our company. They are always available and willing to deal with whatever our current issue may be and never make what is probably a small issue or problem feel small or insignificant. As someone who had to assume the Admin role abruptly and with little transition, I truly appreciate the relationship with Summa Tech. I will call the Epicor helpdesk, but if the issue is urgent or deals in anyway with our business practices, I choose to call Summa Tech instead. It is easier, much more expeditious, and, as anyone who has had many dealing with the Epicor helpdesk can relate, reduces the stress that dealing with the helpdesk can cause.

When I’ve had times where my primary contact was unable to assist with a particular issue, it was always directly handed off to one of the other team members that are assigned to our account and the response was handled with the same efficiency and speed as our primary has always shown. Additionally, the team has always been the same personnel, allowing for continuity and the ability to create relationships that have strengthened over the years. I do not have to continually educate someone on our company’s practices and am able to get right to the purpose of the issue, saving valuable time and allowing for less stress. Summa Tech even went to the lengths to make sure I got the most out of my trips to the Epicor conventions and gave direction on what they thought would be the most beneficial sessions for me to attend, some that I wouldn’t probably have considered without their recommendation.